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Blue Badge

Blue Badges are issued by Essex County Council Social Services. For any blue badge application queries, you can speak to their team on 0845 6037630 or apply online at Essex Health & Social Care for Adults page.

Full details on where you can park are contained in the blue badge booklet which is issued with your badge, if your application is successful. A PDF version of this booklet is available.

In summary, a blue badge entitles the blue badge holder or their driver to park in the following places but only when the badge is clearly and correctly displayed:

  • Double and single yellow lines (for up to 3 hours)
  • Blue badge permit holder only bays
  • Limited waiting bays (all day)
  • Car parks - the terms and conditions will vary between car parks so always check the tariff boards.
  • Resident permit bays/zones - entitles free parking all day. This is not necessarily the case nationwide so please check with your local authority in this is not a part of the NEPP to confirm this.
  • On double or single yellow lines where there are adjacent kerb markings and adjacent signage indicating a loading ban.
  • Loading bays, taxi ranks or any other parking places reserved for specific users other than blue badge holders.
  • On pedestrian crossings or zig zag markings.
  • Close to junctions, traffic lights or any other area likely to cause a danger to pedestrians or traffic congestion as stated in the blue badge booklet.

A blue badge is only for use by the blue badge holder or by a driver who is driving the blue badge holder. A blue badge is not to be used to carry out tasks when the blue badge holder is not present. Our CEO's are permitted to inspect and seize blue badges and may well contact the issuing authority if the blue badge holder is not present on inspection.

We recognise foreign blue badges and there is no requirement to display a clock as many countries do not issue one of these.

Please note that it is the blue badge user's responsibility to check where a badge is permitted prior to parking and misuse of a blue badge may result in seizure of the badge and/or a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Fraudulent misuse of a blue badge is a criminal offence.

Please call us on 01206 282316 for more information on the use of a blue badge in North Essex or Essex Social Services directly for information on the application process itself.