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H-Bar Application Form

The North Essex Parking Partnership welcome applications to have white 'H'-bar markings installed across your dropped kerb driveway access. Whilst such markings are not compulsory and are only advisory to other motorists, some residents wish to have the added deterrent that may help prevent vehicles from being parked across their dropped kerb.

Please be aware that Essex Highways will resurface roads as part of their maintenance programme and this may impact any markings you have in place. Please follow the link below to see where upcoming road resurfacing is scheduled to take place:

If you wish to make enquiries or to clarify this process prior to submitting an application, please call us on 01206 282316 and we would happy to assist you. We do encourage you to read the form and terms and conditions clearly first as your query may already be answered further down this page.

Please complete the following form (fields marked with * are required) should you wish to apply.

Your Details
Application Detail

Please give a clear description of where the H-bar is required (ie in front/rear/side of your property) and any other information you think appropriate (such as times when the driveway is not available, etc) *

Terms & Conditions

The fixed application fee is £120 (including VAT) and covers up to 10 metres of line marking. If you require a longer length H-Bar, then please contact the Technical Team on 01206 282640 to discuss requirements before making the application.

Please be aware that the lines cannot be extended beyond the width of a dropped kerb to address other perceived issues with parking as they are deemed to be advisory only.

Prior to making an application you should be aware that these markings are NOT MAINTAINED by the NEPP or Essex County Council and will not be remarked when faded or if carriageway works are undertaken unless you reapply to the Council, the cost of the remarking is £80.00.

H-Bars will only be marked when lining works are taking place nearby. Lining works are scheduled between April and September each year which can mean your application may take some time to process depending on when it is submitted. Nevertheless we will endeavour to arrange the lining as soon as practicably possible.

The marking has no legal authority, although drivers parking on the marking may receive a Penalty Charge Notice by a Civil Enforcement Officer in some circumstances. An H-bar is not necessary for a Penalty Charge Notice to be issued in those circumstances. Please see details of the NEPP’s dropped kerb enforcement policy.

You will be contacted after the H-bar has been installed for payment.

Agree to Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application you are confirming you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions detailed above.