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MiPermit - How it Works

Instead of putting coins into a car park ticket machine, or buying a paper parking permit by cheque, you will be able to make these purchases via your internet account and start parking stays through a mobile phone.

Our old card and paper permits and tickets are being phased out, as they are expensive to print, store, maintain, administer, post and enforce. We are changing our system so that in future we will be using the Internet to carry out a much greater proportion of our parking transactions. When our service is fully running, we will not be selling paper permits and tickets directly in future.

You will instead be able to run your own Internet parking account where you can pay for car parks, buy and renew permits and book visitor parking stays.

With your permission, we can administer your online account for you through our call centre if you have difficulty accessing it over the Internet yourself.

MiPermit can be used on the internet and links to your Mobile or Smart Phone to start and pay for all sorts of different parking events. The transactions are then paid electronically, saving the use of traditional cash pound notes or coins, cheques or postal orders.

The system records your parking stays, which you can check, print and get invoices and VAT receipts - and our officers are sent details of the vehicles registration mark which acts as a 'virtual' permit on their enforcement computers.

For more information on how to use the service, please visit the North Essex MiPermit system.