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Epping Car Parks - Important Notice
Date Published: 20 March 2017

From the 1st April 2017, Epping Forest District Council will be taking back the management and enforcement of their car parks. This will mean that any PCN's issued prior to and after the 1st April will be dealt with by Epping Forest District Council from that date onwards. The only PCN's this will affect have an 'EP' prefix.

Until the 1st April, you will still need to contact us (NEPP) concerning any Epping Forest District Council car parks, including enforcement.

Further information can be found here, including how to challenge or pay a PCN: The new automated payment line for 'EP' prefix PCN's is 01992 721207.

For off-street cashless parking or permits - information can be found here:

If you have any queries concerning this, you can call our team on 01206 282316 for information or call Epping Forest District Council directly on 01992 564406.

​​Be A Parking Hero: Recruitment Video Launched
Date Published: 24 February 2017

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) has launched its first video to encourage people to choose a career as a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) across its bases in Braintree, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Tendring and Uttlesford.

In making the video, the NEPP aims to tackle outdated stereotypes of parking enforcement officers. It hopes this recruitment initiative, successfully employed by other professions, will boost the number of people applying for this job.

The video depicts the unique and varied role that CEO's undertake, providing a service that is responsive, customer focussed and also helps improve the quality of the local parking environment.

It’s an exciting opportunity to join a team that patrol areas on foot and in vehicles to deal with a variety of duties including parking enforcement, environmental crime and antisocial behaviour.

The main duties of a CEO include interacting with drivers to ensure they park legally and considerately, both on street and in public off street car parks. In addition CEO's advise and assist members of the public with general enquiries, liaise with partner organisations to reduce parking contraventions and issue penalty charge notices when required.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said:

“We hope the video will help change people’s perceptions of parking enforcement officers and show the role in a new light. The reality is that our CEO’s do face tough challenges, but they’re also integral to community life, and there’s a lot of enjoyment and reward that comes with that.”

“We’re looking for dedicated, committed and passionate people to join the North Essex Parking Partnership team. It’s a great opportunity to develop new skills and personally contribute towards making our roads safer and communities stronger.”

The application process is now live for CEO’s based in Colchester, Harlow and Braintree. Applicants can apply online at The closing date is 8 March.

To keep up to date with job vacancies follow the NEPP on Twitter @nepp_parking or LinkedIn ‘North Essex Parking Partnership'.

New Traffic Regulation Order in Colchester to Protect Grass Verge
Date Published: 15 February 2017

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) has introduced a new temporary Traffic Regulation Order in Cowdray Avenue, Colchester to stop motorists parking on the grass verges and churning up the ground.

Concerns have been raised regarding the number of vehicles parked in the unrestricted areas of Cowdray Avenue. Whilst the vehicles were not parked in contravention of any parking or waiting restrictions, they were causing an inconvenience to road users and were damaging the grass verges, including the annual daffodil display.

The temporary restriction includes waiting restrictions and is now in place. It runs from The Albert roundabout on Cowdray Avenue to The Greenstead roundabout on St Andrew’s Avenue. Notices have been placed along the route to advise drivers that they should not park on the verge.

The effectiveness of this order will be monitored and can remain in place for up to 18 months during which time this restriction can be made permanent if required.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “We are pleased to have been able to work in partnership with the local authorities and communities to come up with a solution to the parking issues in Cowdray Avenue. The timing is also perfect to help protect this year's daffodil display along that stretch of road.”

“The NEPP aims to ensure parking across north Essex is safe, fair and of a consistent standard. We hope that this Order will protect our valuable green spaces from inconsiderate parking."
Priory Street Car Park Upgrade - NOW OPEN!
Date Published: 13 January 2017

Colchester Borough Council's Priory Street Car Park was temporarily closed from 7am Monday 12 September 2016 until late December 2016 to enable an extensive redevelopment programme to take place.

The car park officially reopened on 9th January 2017.

For more information on the reopening, please visit Colchester Borough Council's web site and for further information on the redevelopment itself, this can be viewed here.

Parking Enforcement Over Christmas
Date Published: 19 December 2016

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) receives many queries each year about how parking enforcement is conducted over the Christmas period. We would like to clarify this for our customers to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

All residential permit schemes and other restrictions apply according to the signage present at that location. This includes any Bank Holidays and weekends, unless the signage states otherwise. For example this year, December 26th is a Bank Holiday and falls on a Monday. All resident permit schemes and other restrictions apply on this date if the signage is either "at all times" or specifies "Monday" on the signage. Permits are therefore required to be used as normal.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that restrictions do not apply on Bank Holidays - this is not the case. However there may be days when a 'softer' approach to enforcement is taken. This year Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day are days the NEPP will be taking a 'softer' approach, however permits and restrictions do still apply and we ask that residents and their visitors adhere to this to avoid unwanted confusion.

There is likely to be added pressure on permit schemes over the next couple of weeks as residents have more visitors and spend more time at home. We would like to remind residents that having a permit does not guarantee a space within the respective permit scheme and to seek alternative parking rather than parking on other restrictions as your permit does not allow this.

Car Park arrangements vary across the districts we cover and we would ask all customers to check the applicable tariff boards for any special offers available.

You can contact us until 5pm on 23rd December if you have any queries about Christmas enforcement, however our offices will be closed until 30th December from this date. Remember you can call MiPermit directly on 0345 5207007 to set up visitor permits or cashless car parking stays everyday except from Christmas Day and New Years Day which both fall on Sundays this year.

Vote for award-winning Parking Blog in Digital Awards: Champions
Date Published: 01 December 2016

You have the chance to vote for the North Essex Parking Partnership's (NEPP) award-winning blog in the inaugural Digital Awards Champions.

Every Gold Award winner from Digital Awards 2016 schemes in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Milton Keynes and Surrey has qualified for the Digital Awards Champions, an exclusive event where the ultimate winners across all regions will be unveiled. The NEPP's blog was awarded Gold in the Business Blog category for Essex.

The NEPP's blog, written by Anna Tendant, a Civil Enforcement Officer who works for the NEPP, lifts the lid on what it is like to work in her role, discusses new and existing enforcement rules and provides valuable parking advice and information for motorists.

Since its launch, Anna Tendant has posted regular updates which have been a hit with motorists across North Essex and the blog has now had almost 7000 views.

The North Essex Parking Partnership is now encouraging residents and businesses in north Essex to back the blog.

Councillor Mitchell, Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: "It was a great achievement to receive the Gold Essex county-wide award and we're thrilled to be in the running for the Champions Award. I really hope people go online to vote for Anna Tendant in this next round of the awards process.

"The Partnership is embracing digital and social media to educate and engage with local motorists and target new audiences; and we're pleased to say our blog is proving to be a very effective way of doing this."

The Digital Awards Champions voting is now open! To vote, simply go to, select North Essex Parking Partnership (Essex) and click the 'submit vote' button.

The vote will close at 5pm on 20 January 2017. The overall winners in all 15 categories will be decided by public vote ahead of a Presentation Reception which will be held on February 9 at BFI Southbank in London.

Vote Now!

Parking Website Makeover
Date Published: 15 August 2016

The North Essex Parking Partnership's (NEPP) website pages have been redesigned and improved to be more customer-focussed and informative.

Since the Partnership's website was first created in 2011, the public's skills and demand to be able to access information and services online has grown, and the NEPP has acknowledged this and recognised the need to change its webpages to enable this.

The new navigation, layout and content of the webpages have been designed with the customer in mind and to make the website much quicker and easier to use.

New and improved content will increase the public's awareness of the NEPP, what its responsibilities are and how it operates including its policies and procedures. In addition to that, the website includes some new self-serve features. These include the ability for customers to be able to apply online for Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and in the future will also include a TRO database where customers will be able to look-up and track the status of TRO applications across North Essex.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, Chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership commented: "The Partnership is continuously looking at ways to improve its services and the way it communicates with the public and this redesign of its web content is a great example of this.".