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Park Safe Schools
What are the Park Safe School Cameras?

The Park Safe School Cameras work in partnership with our 3PR scheme. The cameras are made available to schools already using the 3PR scheme, however require some additional support to change behaviours to support the safe travel of children to school. 

As with the 3PR scheme, these cameras will be installed and operated by the North Essex Parking Partnership and are provided to continue to support the efforts in tackling parking issues around schools.

The cameras will be monitored off site by a trained Civil Enforcement Officer and will be used to observe the restrictions and vehicle activity only.

Where are the Park Safe School cameras installed?

The cameras were installed in October 2020 but were not officially launched until 16th March 2021 at these selected schools:

  • Stanway Fiveways Primary School, Colchester
  • Chase Lane Primary School, Dovercourt
  • Stanway Fiveways and Lexden Springs Schools (not 3PR schools)
What will the Park Safe School cameras do?

The cameras will be in place to monitor and enforce the school keep clear restrictions which apply to the carriageway. The camera will always be directed to the restricted area, however we may be required to adjust the angle for purposes only related to the restriction or where a red route applies. The camera cannot and will not be used for monitoring of any other purpose.

How long will the Park Safe School cameras be installed?

We will be regularly monitoring the success of the cameras which will be measured by assessing the change in parking behaviours around the school. The cameras will therefore only be installed for a temporary period of time which will vary and be determined based on the successes at each location.

What will happen after the Park Safe School cameras are removed?

The success of the Park Safe cameras will continue with and be reinforced by the 3PR scheme which is also in place at the selected schools. This scheme also aims to support safe parking around schools and is the important educational tool that in all cases we will use to try to improve safety, before cameras are considered necessary. You can find out more about this award-winning scheme here:

For more information about our Park Safe School cameras, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.