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New Parking Restrictions
This section allows you to make a request for a new parking or waiting restriction to be added on the highway.

Traffic Regulation Orders or 'TROs' are the legal document that formalise the creation of a parking restriction. The NEPP receives a large number of requests for new restrictions as well as requests to review or amend current restrictions.

Our application form to apply for a new restriction is now provided on-line and you will be led through a series of stages to complete the application.

You will need:

  • To show:
    • That there is a genuine proven parking safety, congestion or social need before your request can be considered.
  • To evidence local support:
    • This can be from your Local Councillor, County Councillor, a Town or Parish Council.
    • Failure to evidence that support for an application is in place from a councillor will result in your application not being considered.
  • For a new parking scheme:
    • A minimum 75% support from other residents living in the street.
    • Please provide as much information as possible to support your application.
    • Depending upon the size of the request, the timescale for implementation is 12 months from the date of approval. However this can be exceeded due to other factors beyond our control.
    • All requests will be initially considered by each individual Council in consultation with their responsible Member.
    • Please note that any permit schemes implemented will require an annual charge for permit holders and their visitors. Details on charges will be declared during any consultations. Current charges can be found here.

For more information please see Traffic Regulation Orders on the Policies and Procedures page of this website.